Once you arrive in Russia, you have 3 working days to register your arrival with the authorities. This involves getting a stamped document from the authorities by submitting a registration form.

The procedure for doing this depends on where you are staying.

Staying in a hotel/hostel

If you are staying in a hotel or hostel, everything will be taken care of for you. You will need to hand in your passport and migration card to the hotel/hostel staff. You will need to register on the day that you arrive.Your hotel will usually register your visa only for the period of time you actually stay in that hotel. This means you will need to register again if you travel to a different city, or if you do not stay in the hotel for the entire period of your visit to Russia.

Registering with GetRussian

If you are staying in private accommodation, or if you will be visiting more than one city and do not wish to pay for registration at every hotel you visit, you can take advantage of GetRussian registration service, which will take care of your registration for your entire stay in Russia. This means have to register your visa only once.

When ordering your visa invitation through the GetRussian site, you should choose to add visa registration as an additional service. Once you have ordered this, you can register with our office in Moscow.

  1. Registering in person. You can call in to our office in central Moscow during normal working hours with your passport and migration card (which is given to you and completed on arrival in Russia). Your passport will be taken and submitted to the migration authorities, and will be ready to collect the same day if you submit your documents before 1pm. You will be provided with a letter explaining that your passport is in the process of being registered, which you can show to the police in case your documents are checked during the time your passport is with the migration authorities.
  2. Please note that registration by email is not currently available because of a change in the registration rules by the migrations authorities.

We ask you to submit these documents within 2 working days of arriving in Russia, to ensure they reach the migration authorities in time. If you did not pay for registration when ordering your invitation through our site, please contact usand we can arrange for this to be added to your order.


You must register within three working days of arriving in Russia, or you risk being fined upon leaving the country. Weekends and public holidays do not count towards this 3 day deadline.

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